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Performer Series for Rigid, Foamed and Hollow Profiles


ESI is pleased to announce the addition of the Performer Series calibration tables and puller/saw combinations to our complete line of U.S. Manufactured, downstream extrusion processing equipment. 

This state of the art equipment philosophy provides processors of rigid, solid, foamed and hollow plastic profiles, a robust, flexible platform in a modular line layout. Consisting of high performance vacuum calibration tables and combination puller saw units the Performer line provides the ability to utilize numerous vacuum sizing methods including dry sizing, vacuum calibration, full vacuum sizing or combinations of these sizing methods. The use of optional table mounted tanks provides integrated, high efficiency cooling. 

Combining the puller and saw into a common platform and common control package, further streamlines the extrusion line, conserves valuable floor space, insures proper machine alignment and enhances operator efficiency.

Contact your ESI sales representative at 1 (800) 633-1861 for information on the Performer Series as well as our full line of downstream extrusion processing equipment.