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Triple Servo Puller-Cutter


By utilizing over twenty-five years experience in the design and manufacture or extrusion cutting equipment, and our in-house servo motion control programming capabilities, ESI has developed an intelligent, in-line, fly cutting system capable of providing industry leading cut length accuracy at extremely high speeds. The integration of a state of the art motion control system and high torque servo motors, intelligent servo drives and zero backlash planetary gearboxes (less than1 arc/min) in our HAPC series of puller cutters provides precise control and coordination over the puller drive speed and cutter motor.

The control systems high speed communications and intelligent servo drives allow synchronization of the servo axes relative to the pulse train being followed, or jitter, in less than 1 microsecond (1/1000 millisecond) providing exact positioning of the drive motors and knife blade. By utilizing our vast experience in motion control programming our design team developed an electronic cam program that automatically determines if cut cycle rates will allow starting and stopping of the knife blade in between cuts. The machine is capable of operating in this "on-demand" cutting mode up to 750 cuts per minute. As cut cycle rates increase to a level where starting and stopping the knife blade is no longer physically possible, the system begins to continuously rotate the cutter motor but slows it in the off cut portion of the arc. Using set point information, the position of the servo relative to the cut and the cam profile, the control system determines the exact moment to accelerate the knife in order to accurately complete the cut at the desired knife speed. At cycle rates above 1400 cuts per minute the machine will automatically switch to a continuous run operation providing cut cycle rates up to 3000 cuts per minute. To maintain absolute accuracy the cam parameters are recalculated every 400 microseconds (0.4 milliseconds).

The HAPC series of in-line puller cutters are available with a wide variety of motor sizes, puller belt materials and contact lengths to accommodate various shapes and sizes of extrusions. Custom programming is also available to meet specific process requirements.

ESI designs and manufactures automated downstream extrusion equipment. Our wide range of standard products and custom engineering capabilities allow us to provide equipment specifically matched to your application. Please contact one of our sales engineers at (800) 633-1861 to discus the possibilities.

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