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Spray Tanks


Available Options:

  • Closed loop water circulation system
  • Shell & Tube heat exchanger
  • Super Quench cooling
  • Geared lifter system to allow vertical adjustment of tank height
  • Self-Contained blow-off system
  • Single or Dual bag filtration system
  • Two-up design
  • Custom lengths and cross sections





ESI high efficiency spray cooling tanks are available in a wide variety of standard cross sections and lengths in either one-up or two-up designs. 

Stainless steel support rollers are mounted within the tank.  Spray manifolds surround the extrudate and stainless steel centrifugal pumps provide a highly atomized spray pattern that ensures maximum heat removal by evaporative cooling.






Standard Features:

  • Non-driven support rollers
  • High efficiency quad spray manifolds, full length 
  • Stainless steel tank construction
  • Stainless steel guide roller assemblies (vertical and horizontal); mounted at entry and exit ends
  • Top mounted stainless steel lids 
  • Base tank system designed to utilize the customer’s water supply for continuous water circulation, includes supply inlets and drains
  • Baffled air blow-off compartment, incorporating a flex-nozzle assembly with a fitting ready for customer connection to air supply