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Servo Puller-Cutter


Available Options:

  • Pneumatic feed belt actuation
  • Belt gap indicator
  • Alternate belt widths and contact lengths
  • Fully guarded puller assembly
  • Servo motor upgrades for increased cutting torque
  • Blade lubrication system
  • Cutter head on X-Axis slide assembly
  • Increased diameter self-aligning quick change bushings


ESI's servo puller-cutters are designed to meet a wide range of in-line flycutting of plastic and rubber tubings and profiles. Precision in-line cutting of extruded profiles and tubing requires the extrudate to be presented to the cutter at a consistent rate. ESI puller with integrated servo cutter unit offers a cut length accuracy of +/- .030" with an on-demand 400 cuts-per-minute capability.  Units are available with larger servomotors for increased cutting torque, cutter head slide adjustments, larger diameter bushings, blade lubrication and fully caged puller assemblies.



Standard Features:

  • 3" wide x 18" belt puller; timing belts driven via right angle gearboxes with vertical shaft; shaft driven via variable speed, AC inverter duty motor
  • 80 In-Lb brushless servo cutter motor
  • Unique Self-Aligning ‘Quick change’ bushing assembly (No tools required for bushing changeover)
  • One-piece 3 ½” OD cutter bushing design
  • Direct coupled cutter motor & blade holder – no belts or clutches
  • On-Demand mode of up to 400 cuts-per-minute
  • +/- .030” cut length accuracy capability (exclusive of product slippage, bow, curvature and shrinkage)
  • Cutter guard electrically interlocked
  • Puller assembly locally guarded