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Leader in the design and manufacture of automated downstream extrusion equipment and systems.

25 Plus Years of Continuous Innovation

ESI has been supplying top quality downstream extrusion equipment to fortune 500 companies since 1981.



ESI Panners are frequently utilized in the rubber industry for automatically winding product in a ‘lay flat’ condition onto a pan (e.g. uncured rubber tube or hose). Extrudate can be taken from the panner and cured in an autoclave or stored for later application of reinforcement. Panners can be single station or dual station with automatic transfer between the pans. Machines are typically servo controlled and consists of a driven lead-in conveyor, a driven support turntable and a traverse mechanism to move the turntable laterally.  Pan rotational speed and pan lateral position are automatically adjusted to lay the product in spirals with a preset gap between the extrudates. ESI also supplies hose pans in stainless steel or aluminum, pan let-offs and adjustable pan stacking carts.