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Cooling Drums


Available Options:

  • Expanded metal drums for use with water reservoir tank
  • Water circulation system
  • Heat exchanger
  • Air blow-off compartment

ESI cooling drums are designed for efficient in-line cooling of both sides of sheet or round extrudates.  Drum systems can consist of two or more drums in either a vertical or horizontal configuration.

For sheet products the drums are typically chilled for cooling and the sheet is not exposed directly to water. For round products the extrudate makes multiple wraps around the drums. The cooling is typically achieved by submerging the bottom of the lower drum in water or by spraying the extrudate as it wraps around the drum.

Standard Features:

  • Cored stainless steel faced drums mounted on stainless steel shafts with heavy duty bearings
  • Sheet drums are fitted with rotary unions; each rotary union is fitted with hose that runs to a central water manifold (valved) for customer’s chilled water supply connection. These drums are typically highly polished.
  • Multipass cooling drum systems have water containment reservoirs under the drum assemblies and rollers to guide the extrudate around the drums. 
  • Cooling drums are chain driven by a common motor and gear reducer
  • Vertical guide rollers are located between the drums to facilitate guiding product on the drums