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Air Boosting Saw


Available Options:

  • Kerf collection blade guard
  • Kerf & Dust collection system
  • Blade lubrication system

ESI air boosting (traveling) saws, for rigid extrudates, incorporate moving saw tables mounted on linear rails. Saw table is matched to line speed through a clamping cylinder and air cylinder assist. ESI also provides numerous choices in blade diameter, saw motor sizes, saw platform and control packages.

Standard Features:

  • Blade is mounted to direct arbor motor assembly
  • AC Saw motor drive system includes an AC Inverter for the saw motor that provides dynamic braking to saw blade motor (stops motor when interlocked door is opened for added safety); also provides variable speed control of the saw motor for various cutting conditions
  • Down cut saw design (where the blade “pulls” the extrudate into the back fence during the cut). Provides superior cut quality to up-cut saws because product is supported on rigid table during cut 
  • Air actuated boosting table on heavy duty linear profiled guide rails
  • Machine actions are controlled by a solid state programmable controller
  • Cut length accuracy capable of +/- 1/8” (exclusive of product slippage)
  • Safety enclosure surrounds the saw head and motor assembly with keyed interlocks for safety
  • Saw blade is enclosed with sheet metal guard