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Available Options:

  • Non-contact sonic dancer
  • Pneumatic feeder belt actuation
  • Belt gap indicator
  • Blade lubrication system
  • Automatic parts blowoff
  • Servo motor upgrade for increased cutting torque
  • Increased diameter self-aligning quick change bushings
  • Alternate feeder widths and contact lengths
  • Automatic length change system
  • Corrugated tube and cuff cutting
  • SCL - Statistically Controlled Length adjustment

ESI's Accufly® in-line cutting system offers innovative technology with high accuracy cutting by incorporating a servo driven stop/go feeder with fiber optics for cut-to-length signaling.  Length is set by adjusting the fiber optic bridge assembly, or utilizing the servo feedback from the feeder motor. Just prior to the set length being reached, the feeder belts ramp down to ensure proper cut length positioning without overshoot. When the fiber optic beam is broken, the feeder belts stop and the servo driven flyknife is cycled, resulting in a square cut and high accuracy cut length.  Because the feeder is maintaining a loop ahead of the Accufly, the product is fed without tension, ensuring very accurate cut lengths, especially on highly elastic profiles such as rubber wiper blade elements. ESI has successfully utilized this unique proven process in numerous applications for over 20 years and it is the foundation of our complete "ACCU" series of fabricators, saws and flyknives.

Standard Features:

  • 3“ x 18“ smooth belt feeder
  • Servo controlled feeder follows dancer and provides controlled stop prior to press cycle. Product loops during punch cycle and feeder automatically over-speeds to maintain synchronization with extrusion line.
  • Optional puller-cutter mode for very high cutting rates
  • 80 In-Lb brushless servo cutter motor
  • Unique self-aligning 'Quick change' bushing assembly
  • One-piece 3 1/2" OD cutter bushing design
  • Direct coupled cutter motor & blade holder - no belts or clutches
  • 5' takeaway conveyor is mounted at the exit of the cutter head 
  • Fiber optic length control
  • Machine actions and operations controlled by a dual axis, programmable servo motion controller
  • Capable of up to 120 CPM in Stop/Go operation with cut length accuracy of +/- .010" in fiber optic length control mode
  • Capable of up to 1400 CPM in Continuous operation
  • Cutter guard electrically interlocked
  • Color touch screen operator interface